American Color Block Scarf

I am America’s biggest fan…or so I like to think. Team USA’s Opening Ceremony Sweaters for SoChi? OH EM GEE. I’d easily buy one if they weren’t a –shocking– $600! Sorry, but my tiny budget just won’t allow that to happen. I contemplated taking up knitting just to make a replica…or maybe I could hire someone to do it for me? I’ll buy the materials and everything? I know I know, a lot of people say they’re “tacky”, “grandma-like”, “ugly”! Well, I’m all about things that are eye-catching, especially if it’s red, white, and blue. And my grandma is pretty darn cool, so I’d easily take one of these beauts if Ralph Lauren wanted to give me one. Cough Cough.

Image courtesy of zap2it!

I recently had an order request for a red, white, and blue scarf and I was like “OF COURSE ILL MAKE YOU ONE!” I did get really excited. I’m not a huge fan of striped scarves though, and I was afraid that a USA themed white scarf would look…well tacky. Especially since it would be crocheted. I have issues with people looking down on hand-made items and I felt this was something that could easily be taken advantaged of so I wanted to make a modern version, ya dig? Since I didn’t want to do continuous stripes, I had the idea of doing a color block scarf. In case you didn’t know, color blocking is literally using chunks of color in your handmade item. Google it, you get some gorgeous results. So I set out with an idea in mind and I was ecstatic with my result!


Isn’t it gawgeous? I was really thrilled with the result so I thought I’d type up the pattern for free! I didn’t find a ton of color blocking scarf patterns, so I hope this helps out! While I did do this in classic Americana, you could easily do it with any colors you desired, even switching up the length of the blocks. So without further ado!

Color Block Scarf

– I hook
– Yarn of Choice (I used Red Heart Soft in
Wine and White, and Caron Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue)
– Scissors
– Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:
* If you’ve never used a Foundation Stitch before, I highly recommend you learn. I’ve never enjoyed chaining and it takes out the pain. It keep your gauge the same throughout the entire project and just looks better in my honest opinion. If you’re looking for a tutorial, I highly recommend 
Crochet Ever After on Youtube! She is awesome and has a multitude of tutorials. For the foundation half double crochet, check here!

With color 1 (red), FHDC 30 stitches. (You can substitute this with chaining 30, turn, chain 1 and hdc across)
Row 1: HDC across. Turn, Chain 1.
Row 2-35: HDC Across. Turn, Chain 1.
Row 36: Join color 2 (white). HDC across. Turn, Chain 1.
Row 37-70: HDC across. Turn, Chain 1.
Row 71: Join color 3 (blue). HDC across. Turn, Chain 1.
Row 72-104: HDC across. Turn, Chain 1.
Row 105: HDC across. Pull yarn all the way through last HDC, leaving long tail to whip stitch ends together.
Joining: Making sure the scarf is not twisted, lay flat with Row 1 and Row 105 next to each other. Whip stitch ends together. Weave in ends.

Yall, this is so easy to make. It’s basically all half double crochet. The best part is how easy it is to customize though! You can make the blocks of color as short or long as you want, you can make the scarf as long as you want! So easy, amiright?


PSST. Can’t crochet but really want this scarf? Order one from my shop, Courageous Crochet!


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